Decline to Sign at Target

 That was an interesting exercise.  I just spent two hours meeting people and handing out the flyer on Decline to Sign.  There were two signature gatherers there (same two from the last time).

They first tried to say I was with the teachers union and I told them - out of earshot of voters - to NOT say that.  They stopped.  I didn't hear a lot of what they were saying as it was outdoor and noisy.

Did it help to be there?  Absolutely.  

The majority of people just walk past the table.  Me just handing them a flyer was much easier as I could walk with them and then they had info.  The signature gathers only gave out their flyers (I didn't get a copy) IF a person signed the sheet.  (They were also gathering signatures for a separate tax initiative.  They also mentioned a "privacy" page so people couldn't look up who signed.  I thought the court said that was invalid.  Anyone?)

Second, I did manage to give my flyer to several people considering signing and they walked away before signing.  (One signature gatherer got annoyed at this and at one point told me to, "watch it."  I told her I was within the law to offer information challenging the initiative.  You never tell someone NOT to sign, only to consider not signing.) 

Third, I only had two people challenge me.

I urge you to consider going to any indoorish venue like Target.  I believe it makes a difference and many are glad for the information. One woman, after signing, looked at  my flyer and said, "Is this true?" and I told her it was and I could show her in the initiative.  She asked me why the signature gatherers didn't say anything and I told her it's not how to get signatures.

The rain is a good thing for this weekend because it is much harder to get signatures outside (like outside of grocery stores, etc.).

Get out there and do this - you can make a difference.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Melissa - as a parent, you have more credibility than I when it comes to this. I spent about 45 minutes following two in the U-District (before it started pouring) and one of them was very nasty about the union stuff and got someone to sign simply because he was anti-union. I tried to explain that it was more about unproven educational fads and putting public tax dollars in the hands of private corporations, but these 1240 signature people had no issue with making stuff up.

mirmac1 said…
Thanks to Melissa and the others who were out there today urging others to decline to sign.
Anonymous said…
Was at Target at Northgate today. Stared at the signature gatherers going in and coming out. Was not asked for my signature on entrance or exit.

I suggest channeling your inner mom. They don't actually believe in what they are doing. Both of the signature gatherers seemed like very young boys just trying to earn some play money. They understood and did not challenge the look of disappointment.

-Give 'em the mom look

P.S. Dads, would welcome hearing your experiences with these young guy signature gatherers.
Anonymous said…
Another signature gatherer was outside of the Dollar Store near Grocery Outlet on Aurora nr 130th.

no name
Anonymous said…
There were a couple signature gatherers at the Lake City Farmers Market Thursday evening.

Anonymous said…
If you don't have time or don't feel comfortable passing out the fliers, you might consider sending an email to your friends with the information on the flier urging them not to sign the intiative. I sent one Friday night.

Gladys Alice said…
It's grand to partner with a company like Target on your valiant effort! Target loves children! And they have 30 percent off patio furniture this week. Don't forget $1 off Lean Cuisine!
Megan the Vegan said…
I was at Target last week and one of their signature gatherers wore those smelly gauges in their ears. I think that says everything about their movement. We would never do such a thing.
Anonymous said…
Individuals paid to get this initiative on the ballot were also inside Northgate Mall on Saturday. I was approached to sign an initiative about education. That made me stop from a very quick visit to the mall. As the individual quickly tried to get me to sign; and I saw what the intiative was, I inquired if he was a volunteer. After asking me why it mattered he said he was being paid. If someone believes in a cause it should be put to a vote but when something is incorrectly peddaled especially by individuals who are paid to get the most signatures our system has failed. I sent a note to the management company of Northgate Mall.
Don't be hard on Northgate. Legally, malls are now a "town square" and so malls have to have some area (I don't know if it is inside or outside) where people can petition. Costco is not in the same position so they can deny access.
Anonymous said…
A was chatting with a friend the other day and she said - tongue in cheek- that she should just offer them $50 to leave for the day. Since many are in it for the money...

No charters
I can confirm that they are making $14 an hour plus weekly bonuses. Fourteen dollars an hour isn't bad (for not strenenous work). They are still hiring.
Anonymous said…
They are at Ikea Seattle today! Talk about crowds....

Big audience
Josh Hayes said…
And Mel, you are correct about the "privacy" bit: ANYONE who signs an initiative petition allows their name and address to be made public. There's no such thing as a "privacy" policy (unless the policy is, "you don't have any").

This is, of course, perfectly appropriate: you can't make public policy anonymously. If you want to maintain your anonymity, don't participate in the process.

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