Decline to Sign Flyer

Here is the Decline to Sign flyer.   There are two to a page to save printing costs.  It's fairly basic but we wanted to hit the biggest charter issues. 

Where to take these?  First, consider going local (but there are other venues as well):

- farmers market near you
- ferries
- supermarkets
- Target
- UW - Red Square (better on weekdays)

Sat 3 p.m./Sun 2:00 p.m.
US 2012 Olympic Team Trials for Diving - could get to people from all over the state
King County Aquatic Center, Federal Way 

Friday,  June 22nd
- King of the Beach Volleyball sign-ups at Alki in West Seattle, 6 p.m.

Sat, June 23rd 
-Rock n' Roll Half/Marathon, Seattle Center, 7 am to 4 p.m.

Sunday, June 24th
-Gay Pride parade 11 am - starts at 4th and Union to Denny Way and 2nd. Plus tons of other events.

Beacon Rocks!  Beacon Hill festival from 1-5 p.m.

Tuesday, June 26th
- June 26th - Foster the People concert at WaMu theater at 8 p.m

Where not to go?
- surprisingly, large sporting events.  I've been told by several people most sports fans want to get inside and ignore people approaching them on the street.  If you are going to a Mariners/Sounders game, go ahead.
- Costco - lots of people but they don't allow you petitioning on their property.


Athame said…
The flyer is not publicly viewable according to Google Docs. Check your sharing settings.
Chili Palooza
JUNE 23 Music, children's activities, community-information tables and chili cook-off. Noon-5 p.m. June 23, Haller Lake Community Club, 12579 Densmore Ave. N., Seattle; $5 donation to Haller Lake Arts Council to sample chili and vote for your favorite (206-367-5893 or

Greenwood Classic Car and Hot Rod Show
JUNE 23 Hundreds of classic cars, hot rods and roadsters on display with music, crafts and food vendors. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. June 23, on Greenwood Avenue North from 72nd Street to 90th Street, Seattle (206-633-0422 or

Party In The Park 2007
JUNE 23 5k, 10k and 30k runs, pony rides, bouncy slide, dog exhibitions, horse exhibitions, nature walks and other activities for all ages. 7 a.m.-noon June 23, Bridle Trails State Park, Northeast 53rd Street and 116th Avenue Northeast, Kirkland (
Bellevue Strawberry Festival
JUNE 23-24 Fresh strawberry shortcake, live entertainment, historical displays and more. 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m. June 23, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. June 24, Crossroads Park, 16000 N.E. 10th St., Bellevue; free (425-450-1049 or

Shoreline Arts Festival
JUNE 23-24 Entertainment, arts and crafts, food, hands-on activities, Philippine Festival, Lake2Sound Film Festival, Lego Room and more. 10 a.m.-7 p.m. June 23, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. June 24, Shoreline Conference Center, 18560 First Ave. N.E., Shoreline; free (206-417-4645 or

Summer Concerts at the Locks
JUNE 23-24 Free concerts on the lawn at Hiram M. Chittenden Locks: Dukes & Diva, June 23; West Seattle Big Band, June 24; 2-3 p.m., 3015 N.W. 54th St., Seattle; free (206-783-7059).
Haven't used Google docs much so I switched it. Thanks for the alert.
Anonymous said…
Hey just a tiny little date error since it might make people panic a bit about traffic downtown this weekend. Pride parade is Sun 6-24 (not Saturday as listed)...that would be one giant cluster if it was happening the same day as the Rock and Roll, which I heard is expecting about 30K this year.

Both are excellent ways to reach the community though...The RnR expo might also be a good place for them--going on today and tomorrow at the Clink.

Anonymous said…
Petitions at Greenlake east side path and northgate QFC this Thursday evening.
Also, Greenwood car show is the 30th this year.

2012 June 30

Greenwood Avenue North, from North 67th to North 90th streets

Public School Parent
Anonymous said…
Was just at Roosevelt Whole Foods when I was asked to sign an I-1240 petition. When I said I did not think this was a good initiative, the signature gatherer said why -- it would be run by non-profits. I said that was not how I understood the initiative. He then pointed to his form and said there was specific language in the initiative that said it was not for profit. He then asked why would they say this it it were not true. I said I don't know why and explained my understanding of how it would work. He then asked me repeatedly to explain where I had gotten my information -- he kept asking if I had gotten it via an article in the paper or something on tv.

If anyone from the media is reading this blog, please start running some stories on this issue. People really do need to know what it is about -- the pros and the cons. He told me I was much better informed about it than most of the folks he was talking to.

Thanks to all of you on this blog posting information and researching this.

Maureen said…
I talked with a signature gatherer outside a store today (I'm not saying where). When it became clear that I would not sign, she told me that she actually didn't want it to pass and that public school money should be kept in public schools. She said that she doubted enough sigs would be collected, but that pros were coming in from California and working East side stores in teams of three or four. She said she really just wanted 100 signatures ($300) so she could keep a roof over her head. She seemed well informed and thoughtful but also really tired. Is it illegal to give signature gatherers money when you refuse to sign? (I have no idea if she would accept it.) Alternatively, do they still get paid if signatures can't be verified? I'm serious.
Josh Hayes said…
Zowee: THREE BUCKS per signature? There is some SERIOUS money behind this initiative. I assumed it was just the usual going rate (a buck apiece).
Well, one thing about the rain - it makes it harder to gather signatures.

Maybe go to covered places this weekend. I doubt if people want to stop and talk in the rain at Whole Foods.

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