Nova Band Showcase and Benefit

It's a highlight of the year!! Nova bands, including those formed in Nova Band Class, perform for all ages! 

Nova Band Showcase and Benefit
Sunday, June 10; 6:30pm
at the Vera Project; Warren Ave/Republican Ave N (Seattle Center)

All Ages!!


El Mago
Pink Pajamas
The Specifics
Robot Mermaids
Wolves in the Walls
& Street Logic!

The Nova Project is a democratically run public alternative high school that has its philosophical roots in the arts and social and environmental justice. We strive to create a safe place for students of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. Classes are thematically and inquiry based and non-graded. The staff and students work very hard to help each other find our voices to express ourselves through a variety of mediums. And, we ROCK!

The Nova Band Show is a benefit for The Nova Project’s band program. It is the only way that our music program can earn money to buy and repair our instruments and equipment. Most of the bands that play the show come out of a band class in which they form their own bands and write their own music for the performance. Sometimes, other established Nova bands play the show as well. All, and I mean all, the money we earn goes back into our program for whatever it is we need to continue making music.

All proceeds benefit the Nova's band program.


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