Goading Works!

Just checking in over at the Yes on 1240 website and they finally(!) have the text of the initiative up. 

Still, you have to wonder - if they want you to sign the petition for it and vote for it, why wouldn't it have been there in the first place?

They now have about $750k in their coffers from:
  • Democrats for Education Reform WA PAC (that would be contributors from Leslie Hanauer, Steve Sundquist and others)
  • Gates has given $386k
  • Education Voters Political Action Fund (that would be the Amazon family, the Bezos, about $75k)
  • Stand for Children WA PAC (more Bezos family members)
Went by Costco today.  Please to see that they don't allow any kind of solicitation or petitioning on their sites.  


Anonymous said…
Costco does allow petioning on their sites if it benefits them. The liquor initiative signature gatherers were inside the doors - Costco employees.

Good to see Change.org dumped Stand for Children and Students First petitions after being goaded....

Disgusted said…
Steve Sundquist donated to the charter initiative. Is this the same Steve Sundquist that stated he didn't support charter schools during the election?
Disgusted said…
Steve Sundquist AKA Mr. Steve DFER Sundquist gave $5K

Yes, it is quite clear that when Sundquist said no at the various debates during the School Board races, he either was not being truthful or flipped his whole opinion in a matter of months.

You be the judge.
Anonymous said…
Betcha he's hoping he gets a job with a charter management organization.... that's what all the Utah dudes went for. Passed the legislation, then quit and applied for charters/started charter school construction companies/sold land to build charter schools/were rewarded by charter management orgs with plum little no-work jobs just like their legislative jobs.

Or he could follow in the footsteps of the WA legislators who allowed all the unregulated online schools to come into WA, then quit and went to work for them. Puget Sound Business Journal had a good article on them a few years back.

Anonymous said…
I wonder if DeBell or Martin-Morris has their finger in the Charter pie as well. Or in the National Ed Reform one. Sigh. I sure wish this sort of thing were somehow illegal - voting in easy access for corporations to grab public school funds, then leaving your board position for a high paying one at the company you just opened the door for.

- Politics As Usual, I See
Anonymous said…
There was a charter school initiative gatherer outside of Northgate Target. He got kind of huffy when I refused to sign. He got even huffier when I told him why I wouldn't sign. All in all, he was pretty rude.

Jan said…
FHP -- good! Glad he was rude. The worse they behave, the more likely it will be that people stop to consider the merits of the initiative. I wish for them an entire phalanx of rude, huffy petition gatherers!!

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