Pro and Con on I-1240 at The Stranger Slog

Update: LEV has a daily news round-up and yet are silent on these two pieces (despite the fact that they are helping to sponsor this initiative).  Now I get them not wanting to link to anything written here but not The Stranger?  Odd. 

Our friends over at The Stranger Slog were kind enough to ask me to write a No on 1240 piece and had another parent write a Yes on 1240 piece.  The focus of each piece and the comments (and numbers of) are interesting.

One thing I find interesting is The Stranger is becoming a bigger player as a voice of editorial power in this town.  I know some of you may disagree - I am not saying they are the Times - but in Seattle, I think many voters who do not want to listen to the Times have turned away to The Stranger.

The Stranger, for all its smarty-pants, foul-mouth talk, does do its homework.  And, they do call themselves out when they get it wrong.  You don't find that kind of humility that often.

As I ponder the ballot, I come to the following conclusions.

1) it's a crowded and busy ballot.  Plus side, many more voters.  Minus side, very long ballot and initiatives come at the end.  There is a distinct drop-off factor.

2) Gay marriage.  That'll keep 'em engaged until the end of the ballot...or will it?

3) But long ballot so maybe it will really come down to who can get that passionate vote out - the pros or the cons.  Naturally, the difference may come in the Puget Sound region where the action is and the largest number of voters are.

It's all in the messaging and it will be interesting to see what that is for each side.

But first, it has to get to the ballot.  If the California signature gatherer that Brian Rosenthal encountered is right, it may not get there at all.


Anonymous said…
Any word from The Stranger on what their recommendation will be on 1240? I know many who base decide their votes based on the Stranger's well researched and vetted recommendations.

Strange Love
I think The Stranger will wisely wait to see if this makes the ballot, do their homework and then make a recommendation. Looking at their past recs, it does not appear they would endorse it but this is a different initiative.
Gladys Alice said…
So many people are comparing charters to the post office. Will they make students wear that awful blue uniform?
Anonymous said…
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Tacomamama said…
LEV is hiring a new communications director. I think they are trying to unify their message and be a little bit more deliberate about what they post.

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