Seattle Schools This Week

Start School Later Seattle will meet on Monday at 5pm at the Wayward Coffee House on 65th and Roosevelt (parking available off the alley).

Audit&Finance Committee Meeting from 4-6 pm.  Agenda not available.

Executive Committee Meeting from 8-10:30 am.  Agenda.  Some of the topics include review of upcoming Board meeting agendas, government relations, "community engagement", Race&Equity policy, renewal of MOU with LEV for South Shore, and Creative Approach Schools update.  Note: there is a "real estate negotiations" discussion that will be closed and start at 10 am. 

This is, once again, quite a full agenda and I find it hard to believe they can get it all done in 2 hours.  This all looks quite interesting and I hope someone can attend.  

I'm also quite surprised at this idea of a "renewal" of the MOU with LEV when the original MOU was with the New School Foundation (an altogether different entity).  My thought would be that they would have to renegotiate the entire thing.  (Of course, LEV may be counting on getting the charter school initiative on the ballot, winning and then taking South Shore by conversion charter.  That would not surprise me in the least.)

Oversight Work Session:Risk Management from 4-5:30 pm.  No agenda available.

Oversight Work Session:Legal from 6-7 pm.  No agenda available.

Audit&Finance Committee Meeting from 4-6 p.m.  Agenda not available.

BEX Oversight Committee Meeting from 8:30-10:30 am.  No agenda available.

Friday also starts the beginning of commencements for the district high schools starting with Ingraham, South Lake and Home School Resource Center.  


Anonymous said…
Ida B. Wells School (MCHS@U.W.) graduation is also this Friday.
The ceremony will be held at 6:00 at the Waterfront Activities Center.

---Old School Music
Anonymous said…
Lev could have taken over the prior MOU by assignment from the new school foundation. It wouldn't have to whole sale renegotiate if that's the case

I don't care what LEV did with New School. I care what the district does with LEV. LEV is NOT the same group at all and to just sign the same thing seems very odd. (And I would want to check to make sure it is the same thing anyway.)
Anonymous said…
Unless the prior MOU had a no assignment clause, as a legal issue LEV can step in and they can treat it as a renewell instead of a new agreement. You should check to see if the prior agreement had any language about assignment. If it had a no assignment clause, then it can't be a renewell. Worth looking into.

Anonymous said…
Nathan Hale High School has a New Student and Family night tonight (Monday) from 6:30 until 8 PM. Spaghetti Dinner served.

mirmac1 said…
I don't see any reference to successors or "transferability" in the original MOU with the New School Foundation.
Josh Hayes said…
I got an email from Ingraham laying out the EOC test schedule for tomorrow, but I have no idea if my kid is taking any EOC tests. Who takes these things, anyway? Absolutely nothing about it on the schools web site, of course.
Anonymous said…

It depends on the grade level & math level of your student.

If your student took Algebra 1 or geometry this year, they will take the appropriate math EOC. If they took biology this year, they will take the science EOC.

If they are class of 2014 they have to pass one math EOC to graduate. So if they are beyond Algebra & geometry they would take the algebra EOC make-up exam. (Should have done that last year.)

If they are class of 2015 or later they will have to pass both math EOC exams to graduate. If they are beyond algebra & geometry & haven't had the EOC math exams,they will take the EOC make-up exams.

If they are 2015 or later they will have to pass the biology EOC exam to graduate.

Clear as mud. Just send your child with pencils & calculators.

-High school parent
Anonymous said…
Keep in mind that the EOCE/EOCA is actually the Math and Science WASL/ HSPE. This is a state, not a district decision.

See "WASL I Mean HSPE...No, not exactly."

See "Science HSPE...Here We Go Again" on the Science EOC

--Old School Music
Josh Hayes said…
Thanks, high school parent. The district would not allow me to give the Algebra EOC test to my class last year (I'm a lowly tutor! At the time, a volunteer tutor, the lowest of the low!), so I've had to convince counselors and math teachers at three different schools to place my students - who had completed both the 8th and 9th grade curriculum during 8th grade - into geometry this year. They're all apparently doing just fine (at Nova (1), Center (1), and Ingraham (6)), and I'm not concerned that they will somehow not pass the geometry EOC test, but I'm still chapped that they couldn't have taken the algebra I test last year.
StopTFA said…
Excellent post by Gary Rubinstein:

It takes a village

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