Tell Obama What You Think About His Education Policies

The Obama-Biden campaign would like to hear your story on how you view their education policies and actions.  Here's the link.    Here's some thoughts from noted educator, Diane Ravitch.


Floor Pie said…
That link appears to be specific to North Carolina. I poked around on the site looking for a Washington one, but didn't see it.
mirmac1 said…
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Anonymous said…
as soon as I have time to write big complicated sentences and paragraphs, instead of just calling them yuppie scum sell outs, I'll fill out the questionnaire -

at the moment, I'm real busy asking them to hold wall street accountable and to not sell us out the "health" insurance rackets, and they're busy scaring us over scott walker.

Anonymous said…
I've frequently posted on the my angst with policies and to no avail it seems.

I think this is just more PR.


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