Ask Your Child - Does the Cover of the Book Influence You?

Interesting column from the Huffington Post.  Maureen Johnson, a writer of teen books, had this idea.

She tweeted "I do wish I had a dime for every email I get that says, "Please put a non-girly cover on your book so I can read it. - signed, A Guy" - and so came the idea for a challenge for her 77,000 followers. A challenge that she called Coverflip. Below, she explains more.

The Coverflip slide show in the article is a fun one to look thru.

Ask your child if it matters; it might be a good conversation starter.


Anonymous said…
It matters. The ones that really bother her are the ones where the girl on the cover is why and the book is about a black kid. Or the book has really detailed descriptions of the characters and the cover looks nothing like any of them.

Reader's Mom

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