CPPS Mayoral Forum

Did anyone attend this forum last night?  I wasn't able to go. 

I'm sure Publicola and The Stranger Slog will have a round-up (and the first one on Monday sounded entertaining).  But since this forum was put on by an education group, I was wondering about the questions. 

I will be going to the one at Hamilton tomorrow night. 


Unknown said…
I went. Nothing was said by any of the candidates that would constitute headline news.

However, I was very happy to hear that when two of the candidates were asked about charters, they both condemned them loudly and clearly.

And THAT battle is far from over. Especially here in Seattle.
Greg and Steve, thanks for those updates.
Watching said…
I'm starting to take a closer look at Harrell. His ideas around city and education include supports, mentorship etc. He said he isn't going to tell an educators how to do their job. Harrel pushed through a program that would provide free internet for students living in poverty. He has experience as an attorney, City Council member and business advocate. My impression is that Harrell is a sincere guy and that goes a long way in my book. I don't know much about his history, though.

I heard Murray at an event. I was VERY disappointed. He kept going on and on about schools failing our kids, but he did not acknowledge that he has failed in providing adequate levels of funding. He also didn't mention the fact that $2.5B has been cut from our education system in recent years. In reality, the state is only covering $18M out of $30M for student transportation, and the state is failing to pay for full day K or 6 periods of HS. Murray drones on and on about creating partnerships with U of W. I guess he isn't aware of SPS's partnerships with Seattle U etc. Overall, I found Murray disappointing. Although, his ideas about districts, city and state having closer relationships sounded positive.

Burgess told an individual that he wasn't interested in Mayoral control of SPS. That isn't what Crosscut reported. This point needs to be publicly.

I didn't go to CPPS forum, but heard Burgess, Murray and Harrell speak at a different event.
Watching said…
Sorry, it is late. I meant to say : Harrell stated he wasn't going to tell teachers how to do their job.
Watching, I note in the coverage of the event by Crosscut, they say that none of the candidates are for mayoral control.

Steve, could you confirm that or is Watching correct in saying that this issue was not covered in the forum?

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