Growth Boundaries email address

Please send your comments on the Growth Boundaries project to their email address:


David said…
Will it matter if we do send e-mail to Or would we be better off writing the Board? Or Superintendent Banda?

Will any of those make any difference? What will matter and actually change the outcome?
Eric B said…
If you want to matter and make a difference, I would encourage you to go to the informal drop-in meetings with Tracy Libros.
Anonymous said…
@ Eric, are these scheduled public drop-in sessions, or things we need to arrange 1-on-1?

HIMsmom, they will be announced but will not be formal presentations but a come-ask-Tracy meeting.
Charlie Mas said…
The informal talk with Tracy meetings about the New Student Assignment Plan were the source of the Southeast Education Initiative. Yes, it was poorly implemented, but it was a good idea.

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