Host families needed for foreign exchange students

Explore new cultures without leaving your home!

You and your family will learn, firsthand, about another exciting country by opening your heart and your home to a high school exchange student from around the world.

Host families are needed for foreign exchange students who will be attending Chief Sealth High School for the 2013-2014 school year.
Host families are needed for the following students:
  • a girl from Germany, who enjoys track and field, shopping, photography, ballet dancing; loves music and plays the guitar, 
  • a boy from Brazil, who speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese, enjoys technology and is very active in Taekwondo, 
  • a girl from Bolivia, who enjoys drawing, painting, taking photos, cooking and playing tennis, 
  • a boy from China, who enjoys playing basketball, swimming, music and singing, travelling and also enjoys going to museums, 
  • a girl from South Korea, who has advanced English skills. She participates in the math and newspaper clubs in her school; enjoys traveling and photography, 
  • a boy from Mexico who is very outgoing; loves soccer, volleyball, basketball and enjoys music, 
  • a girl from Slovakia; she enjoys meeting new people and likes cooking and yoga. She also enjoys art and loves animals. 
Students come with good English skills, their own insurance and spending money, and mainly the desire to be a member of an American family.

Host families do not need to have teenagers of their own; young families as well as empty-nesters are excellent high school student hosts this year.

For more information about these students or others and the program, contact Jamin Henderson at 360-661-0552 or


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