Tuesday Open Thread

Addressing a pet peeve of mine - the use of the word "awesome."  Remember when it meant something that filled you with awe?  Alas, no more.  This useful article from Ragan gives replacements.

The next mayor of Chicago (in 25 years) is a little 9-year old named Asean Johnson who rallied a crowd in Chicago against school closings.  He takes on Rahm Emanuel and quotes MLK, Jr.  A little ball of thunder. 

What's on your mind?


Anonymous said…
LAST WEEKEND NATHAN HALE’S JAZZ BAND, ORCHESTRA AND CONCERT BAND performed at the Forum Music Festival in Anaheim, California. Concert Band scored an impressive Silver Rating, putting them in the top 20% of schools in the country. Jazz Band and Orchestra each received the highest Gold Rating, putting them in the top 10% of schools nationwide. Soloists Adrian Eldridge and Rowan Dowell each received outstanding musicianship awards. Please take a moment to congratulate our musicians on their achievement!

Congratulations Nathan Hale!

As well, from SPS,

"Hamilton International Middle School's Senior Jazz Band, under the direction of Dan Rowe, gave an award-winning performance at the 2013 Bellevue High School Jazz Festival, held May 10-11. Hamilton took first place in the middle school division, beating out 16 other middle school jazz bands. In addition, Hamilton was named the Festival's Sweepstakes Winner - the outstanding band at the entire festival, which included 32 high school bands."

What I love is that ALL of our high schools are getting stronger, both in rigor and in music. It's great to see.
Anonymous said…
Seattle seems to be a hotbed for Jazz!

Garfield Mom said…
Opening tomorrow! Garfield High School presents West Side Story, with the original Broadway choreography and live music from Garfield's orchestra. Seven shows: May 22-24, May 29-June 1; all shows 7 PM. See the website for more info and online ticket purchase: www.garfieldstage.org

mirmac1 said…
The Board Oversight Session on Wednesday 5/22 will include a review of the special education department. Things are looking up. Will be interesting. Parents should attend. 4:30-6:00 at JSCEE.
Anonymous said…
Local High School Gets Mayor's Award for a Now-Banned Curriculum


TCS Parent
TCS, just saw this at the Slog. Very amusing and I certainly hope to be there when the Mayor calls this out.

pm said…
Here is an interesting article about charter schools:

Po3 said…
Interesting that the SLOG article points out that the Center principal does not support the curriculum or the teacher.

That must create a lot of tension in the school and cannot be healthy for staff or students.
Anonymous said…
Did anyone else get the climate survey with a link that says it is expired?
-measure twice
Maje said…
Measure Twice- I opened my survey six hours after it was sent and it was expired.
Anonymous said…
I knwo there are more important things I could compani about, but please, can we stop saying "literally"? (I doubt it, but let's try.)

It's not the meaning -either literal or hyperbolic - that bothers me, it's the sheer volume.

Pinehurst Parent
Anonymous said…

Don't know where "compani" came from. I'm not even on an iPhone, so I can't blame autocorrect....

Pinehurst Parent

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