Mayor Looking for Student Quotes - Weapons to Words Contest

From the City of Seattle:

Weapons to Words is a program for students in Seattle sponsored by the Office of the Mayor and Office of Arts & Culture in cooperation with Chihuly Studio and Schnitzer Steel that encourages a violence free future for Seattle. Metal upcycled from guns recovered from future Seattle gun buyback programs will be tuned into plaques featuring quotes from Seattle students.

Students are asked to submit quotes that signify what gun violence in their community means to them, and what we can do to stop it. This program encourages kids to think about clear, simple actions and attitudes that they can take to contribute to the elimination of violence in schools and in our city. A panel convened by the Office of Arts and Culture will select one entry per school to be engraved on a publicly displayed installation designed by Chihuly Studio.
This contest is open to students in the City of Seattle in grades 1-12. One winner per school will be selected by a panel of judges. Entry deadline is Friday, June 7th. More information about the contest, including rules, eligibility and participation requirements can be obtained online at You can or 206-615-1446 with any questions.

Contest Topic:

We’re asking students to think about what gun violence in their community means to them, and what we can do to stop it. What would a Seattle free of gun violence be like? How can we get there? How would life for young people in our city be different without fear of gun violence?


Anonymous said…
The reversal of words in the title here is unfortunate...

Anonymous said…
How about this? (

"Turn in your guns. You can trust the government"

Spotted Elk

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