Smith-Blum Finalists for BOE Position

The Seattle Times is reporting that Kay Smith-Blum is one of six finalists for an interim seat on the Washington Board of Education.  She is being interviewed tomorrow for the seat.  She says she is not sure what she will do if offered the position.   The position is only for nine months and then she would have to run in November to stay in the position.  The election would be by members of school boards from the Western Washington region. 

If she did accept, she would have to resign her position on the Seattle School Board.  That would then prompt the Board to have to take applications and then appoint a candidate from Smith-Blum's district. That person would be an interim Board member until the election in November. 

Smith-Blum states that that she would like to stay connected to education but with her co-ownership of the clothing store, Butch Blum with her husband, that the BOE position might be easier for her schedule. 

This could really change the School Board races in the fall. 


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