Monday, May 20, 2013

Ingraham PTSA Votes to Disaffiliate from PTSA

The vote was 44-29.  It was quite a compelling and civil discussion.  I'll write a wrap-up of it tomorrow but I'll leave you with two thoughts.

1) Will this spur other schools to consider this action?  Hard to say but one person who is a member of two PTAs said her other PTA is also considering this action.  Will it be like Garfield's early and firm stance on MAP and allow other schools to take a look at what is happening at their school?

2) There were several issues in play but one broad issue is this:

What is the purpose of a parent-teacher group at a school?  

Do you want a combo of school-based needs with big group identity/advocacy?  Is one more important than the other?  Does every dollar raised count when your school has high needs (and possibly low ability to raise much money)? 

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Patrick said...

I'm looking forward to a more in-depth account of this vote and how it works out as a non-PTSA group.