Two Board Races with Three Candidates Each; Patu Unopposed

It looks like - at 5 pm - that there will be three candidates for the Central region race and three for the Ballard/Magnolia/QA/downtown race.  No one filed against Director Patu and so she will retain her seat. 

For the Central Region:
Stephan Blanford
Olu Thomas
LaCrese Green

For Magnolia/QA/downtown/Ballard Region:
Dean McColgan
Sue Peters
Suzanne Dale Estey

This means a real race in the primary so it is important to keep up on these candidates.  I will try to interview them all as time permits.

Link to King County Elections with their filing info that includes e-mail, phone and website (if they have one already).   Scroll to the middle of the page under School.


Anonymous said…
so KSB is NOT running ...

Charlie Mas said…
Olu Thomas wants to sell the Horace Mann building for use as a community center. I wonder where The NOVA Project would then be housed? Don't we need to keep our school buildings?
Carol Simmons said…
This is so disappointing. Director Kay Smith Blum will certainly be missed.

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