Let's Start this Week Out Right

Two wonderful stories about great teachers.

One, a high school basketball coach who, by making a great choice for his team manager, inspires everyone to make one boy's dream come true.   This from CBS News.

Two, a teacher whose impact started when a little girl was eight and continues on today.  You just never know how little things impact a child's viewpoint.  This from The Oregonian.


Anonymous said…
OK, those stories made me cry. They're great human interest stories.

But, the real story is that teachers do this every day. Every single day, there's a story out there of a teacher who changed a child's life.

I know of four such stories myself, and I only know one teacher well enough to hear some of the stories. Two of them she didn't tell me, because folks searched out not her, but her parents (from across the country, in one instance) to tell them that their daughter had turned their own child's life around.

Of course, the same is true of parents, who turn their children's lives around every day. But, the key point is that teaching is by nature an inefficient process, in the most difficult circumstances including not just knowledge but love and understanding.


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