Bad Advice Needs Own Thread

A reader asked this:

I have a bright 4th grader in the Carnation area - we are considering some other options for her for next year, yes even at this late date. Where should I start looking? 

Me, going on my old school way of thinking, told this parent that he/she didn't have many options.  Not true (after talking with Tracy Libros in Enrollment).

So, to correct:

- coming in at a later grade there CAN be spaces open that might not be at kindergarten.  So check what your attendance area school is first.
- check the Option schools in your region; again, there may be space
- you CAN, if you are coming into the district as a new student from somewhere else, have your child tested for Advanced Learning.  If she qualifies, you could either enroll her in APP or check if there is space at your Spectrum school in your region.

Teaches me for talking off the top of my head.


Anonymous said…
If you live in Carnation can you enroll in Seattle schools?

Anonymous said…
Nice job researching that for the Carnation family!

SPS, yes, you can if there is room but I believe this person meant they were moving here.

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