Whoops! Error in SAT Booklets means Two Sections are Out

From NPR:

There was a discrepancy between the time allotted in the student test booklet for one of the sections, 25 minutes, and the proctor's instructions, just 20 minutes.

A version of this stressful situation played out across the United States on June 6. Scores will be thrown out on two of the 10 sections of the SATs taken that day. And late Monday night the College Board announced that fees will be waived on the next testing date for students who report having a bad experience this time. That's because a printing error in the student instruction booklet stated the wrong time limit, leading to widespread confusion. A reported 487,000 students were registered for the test, the last SATs of the school year.
(Editor's note - this was not a "printing error" - most likely, it was a proofreading error.  Not the same thing.)

What does the College Board say?
"To accommodate the wide range of incidents that can impact a testing experience, the SAT's Critical Reading, Writing, and Math tests each are designed to collect enough information to provide valid and reliable scores even with an unscored section. From fire drills and power outages to mistiming and disruptive behavior, school-based test administrations can be fragile, so our assessments are not.
We take our responsibility to students very seriously, and we regret the confusion some students experienced."
Kind of a lame apology given none of this was any school, any district, any teacher, any proctor or, most importantly, any student's fault.  But that could be a liability thing and sure enough, one student is suing and asking for class action status.

Because of worries over early admission or scholarships, there's a petition out for the College Board to give a retake BEFORE the next scheduled one in October.


Po3 said…
Wasn't there an issue this spring where some SPS students had their SAT tests tossed because the proctor at RHS messed up? Would this have been the same test or the retest these students had to take?
Anonymous said…
Yes. Despite the district's best intentions to offer the SAT at school, there was a proctoring mistake which caused the results to be invalidated. Students so affected (and my son was one of them) were given a voucher to take the next scheduled SAT at no cost (though it wasn't at his own school).

Roosevelt Dad
Anonymous said…
I wish they would offer a summer test. Things are so busy during the school year.

Anonymous said…
If students want something earlier than the October SAT, the Sept 12 ACT is always an option... As far as I know, most schools will accept either test.

Patrick said…
The College Board's response to the problem is a whole lot better than the SBAC. Dividing the test into sections so a problem with one section doesn't have to invalidate the whole test is a really good idea.
lg said…
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