Annual report on sexual harassment

Board Policy 3208, Sexual Harassment, calls for an annual report from the Superintendent. There never were any such annual reports until two years ago. The first one, delivered in August of 2014, was completely inadequate and utterly failed to meet the requirements of the policy.

The second one, which was due in August of 2015 didn't come until April of 2016 and wasn't very good.

This year, however, the report meets all of the requirements of the policy and was delivered on time.

Congratulations to Kristina Alarcon, Title IX Coordinator, and Kelli Schmidt, Student Civil Rights Compliance Officer. This represents real improvement.


Anonymous said…
Well, I guess all that community activism around the NatureBridge incident and Garfield High School has finally paid off for SPS families.

Charlie Mas said…
Yes, Paul. Nearly all of the improvement we have seen in compliance with Title IX and the sexual harassment policy and procedure has come after the report of a rape at NatureBridge. The improvement is directly attributable to the efforts of the family of the girl who made that report, community activists, and the Board. The superintendent and the staff, frankly, had to be dragged and prodded every step of the way, and the HR people were the most recalcitrant.

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