Guess What Comes Out Today?

Update: here's the State's reply.  I have not read it thru yet.

end of update

From Summer Stinson of Washington's Paramount Duty's Facebook page:

The State's brief responding to the Supreme Court's questions is due today. 

Such anticipation! What do you think the State will say?  

My belief is that the State will say:

1) look at all we HAVE gotten done 
Which basically, was backfill for money lost during the recession, a point that gets lost all the time. Districts have not really moved forward with current McCleary money because of the cuts they took during the recession.

2) trust us
With no evidence as to why anyone should

3) Dear Court, you're a bunch of idiots so leave us alone.
(That would be if Rep. Matt Manweller and Rep Chad Magendanz wrote the response.)


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