On Quoting Others

There seems to be some misunderstanding about the use of quote marks when you writing about what another person has written.

You should only use them if the writer - be it me, Charlie or any commenter - said EXACTLY what you are quoting.  Otherwise, please do not use them.  The reason should be obvious but I will state it: others may then read your comment and believe the other person said exactly what you are quoting. 

And they didn't.

Now you are free to say:

- I think I'm hearing you say....
- Sounds like you are saying...

Or something along those lines.

If every single time someone quotes someone else, I have to go back and check the quote, I will be annoyed.  I don't have time to do that nor should I have to.

There is something of an honor system here and if you can't write in a respectful manner, don't comment at all.  If I see this to be a problem, I will just delete the comments from those people who will not follow a rule of common decency.

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