Minneapolis Principal Speaks Out about Daytime Shooting

From Minneapolis: statement from Lacey Lander Elementary principal Mauri Melander (bold and color mine):

Mauri Melander

Today there was another shooting on Penn Avenue. This one was during our Open House. I'm going to repeat that. 

There was a shooting during our Open House. 

Meaning, while children were being shown their new assigned seats, people were trying to kill each other with guns and ammunition. In broad daylight. Across the street from an elementary school. 

 While hundreds of children and their parents are parking and walking into the school, people are firing weapons to kill. 

Anyone who tells me that we are nothing but alone in this battle - but for the help of God - is a liar. There is no way that a civilized society with advanced degrees and expertise can justify a reality such as this. 

I am not afraid. Don't get me wrong. I'm angry. I won't run away. I haven't before. I won't start now. I will run into. But as I run, I'm shouting. And I'm pointing fingers. 

To the ones pulling the triggers, shame on you. 

To the ones who know who they are but don't say anything, shame on you. 

To the ones elected and appointed to lead, shame on you. 

To the ones able to hold these leaders accountable, but have not, shame on you. 

And to the ones who've allowed a society to create the depth of hopelessness that produces such a reality, shame on you. 

You have no part in our joy. You have no part in our hope. You have no part in our love. You have abandoned us like fish gasping for air out of water. You have turned and looked the other way. May sleep not come easy to you tonight. May peace elude you. Until you are compelled to act. And may you do that. 

May you act. Please. May you act.

From KARE TV-11:
Minneapolis police say the three block stretch near the school is already an area of special focus, citing extra patrols and undercover gang enforcement since the first of the year. Despite the efforts, many at the school are quickly losing hope.

"Did anybody come to see if the school had been attacked? No,” said school nurse Betty Smith. “That is unacceptable. It's a building full of children, parents, staff, we're all dedicated that's why we're doing it, but we can't do it if we're dodging bullets."

Minneapolis police tell us they will now be adding even more patrols and extra officers to the school itself. When class begins on Monday morning, the school is also planning to line the street with parents as a show of support.


Joe Wolf said…
One of my closest friends and his partner live two blocks down from the school. To make things even more horrific this is just the most recent shooting on that stretch of Penn Ave.

Dan & Keith know the principal, she's a pretty amazing person.

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