KUOW Looking for Input

Parents: Does your child's school have a long list of back-to-school supplies that includes things your parents never had to provide (like a year's worth of kleenex, glue sticks and markers for the class)? Teachers: I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'm working on a story for KUOW Public Radio. You can comment or email adornfeld@kuow.org. Thanks!


Anonymous said…
I am happy to provide my kids' pencils, pens, supply box, and other things for their own use, but when I am buying the teacher's white board markers and reams of paper for the copy machine and erasers for the white board and Ziploc bags and a dozen other things AND THEN am asked to send a check for $35 for further supplies, I feel it has gone too far. I know education is not fully funded in our state, and from the supply lists this is abundantly clear.
--K and 4th
Anonymous said…
My child goes to Thornton Creek and they are providing all supplies - which is fantastic and I love the approach. I'm not sure the source of the funding for them to be able to provide this benefit.

Mom of 2

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