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I attended the 100 Black Parents meeting last night; quite interesting.  I'll try to have a write-up today.  As I previously reported, the parents have a survey going and presented their early results.  One of their top items was no more suspensions with other ways to address behavior issues.  I recently read this two-sides to the issue article on this topic from the conservative American Enterprise Institute.  As well, the Daily News had an op-ed about what Mayor de Blasio is doing on this issue from the president of the teachers union, Michael Milgrew.
Too often, Tweed adopts policies without understanding how they will play out in schools and then ignores its responsibility for turning policy into reality. Past promises for training and support have not arrived at many schools.
I agree. Teachers need the supports that would allow them to get help for a student AND protect the learning in the classroom.  Suspension should only be for violence issues.

On that note, great idea in Baltimore - instead of "going to the office," kids get sent to the Mindful Moment Room.

For example, when a student is referred to the Mindful Moment Room, he goes through breathing and centering exercises with a staff member, discusses his feelings and emotions surrounding the incident, and works with the staff to figure out what mindfulness technique he could use next time a similar situation arises.
A school district in Wisconsin is working with police on an ordinance that would fine parents who do not take steps for change if their child has been caught bullying other children.
Now that this ordinance has been approved, police in Shawano are going to work with Shawano School District officials to talk with parents of children who are bullying other children.  Those parents will then have 90 days after they're informed by police of their child's behavior to intervene, and put a stop to it.
Alphabet Soup children's bookstore is having a 20% off book sale (used and new books) tonight from 5-9 pm.   They are at 1406 N 45th St.  Sounds like a good deal for late summer reading.

The very active 36th Dems passed a resolution on Wednesday night (authored by WPD's Summer Stinson Sarajane Siegfriedt and Eden Mack)on school construction and capacity needs to urge the Seattle City Council "to recognize this capacity crisis and to pass a developer impact fee ordinance dedicated to funding Seattle public school construction."

Seahawks player Michael Bennett is setting up a book club for other players.
Bennett has often said that athletes -- and specifically football players -- need to speak up more about social issues. Kelly encourages that too, but reminds them that whatever they say will be examined closely. He sees the book club as a way for Seahawks players to think in non-football terms and educate themselves.
What's on your mind?


Anonymous said…
Thanks as always, Melissa, for your thoughtful reporting and keeping us informed about education news!

I have a small correction to offer. While I presented the resolution encouraging the Seattle City Council to declare a school capacity crisis in Seattle and to provide a funding stream to address the crisis, I did not author it. (The 36th had lots of questions but no opposition and unanimously supported the resolution!) Sarajane Siegfriedt and Eden Mack wrote it. The are scheduling meetings with school board members to request formal support. They are also looking for a City Council sponsor. If any of your readers would like to help present this resolution to a legislative district, organization, school board member, or city council member, please email me ( and I'll pass the info along to Sarajane and Eden. Thank you!

Summer Stinson
Anonymous said…
Also, I should note that I presented the resolution and mention it here in my personal capacity only. The WPD Board has not reviewed or taken any action on the resolution. I mentioned my WPD email address above because it's the one I usually hand out for education purposes, but it's likely best to email my personal email which is my name at google.

Summer Stinson
StepJ said…
An email went out yesterday to all Hale families from Jolene Grimes Edwards. She introduces herself as the new 'Co-Principal' at Hale.

From the email,
"Things may appear a little different this year at Nathan Hale. We have a few key changes you need to be aware of as we kick off the 2016-17 school year.

Nathan Hale principal, Dr. Jill Hudson, will be on special assignment this school year working with the community and district principals to change Seattle School Board policies and create plans to implement the new graduation requirements, including the 24 credit and High School & Beyond Plan."

Also from the email..."• Dr. Hudson and Mrs. Grimes Edwards will be co-principals for the 2016-2017 school year only"

Does anyone know the back story on this change? It strikes me as odd that this message came from Mrs. Grimes Edwards vs. Dr. Hudson.

Is this retribution for SBAC testing at Hale?


Anonymous said…
So many teacher job openings on the SPS web-site. Who are they going to find at this late date?

N by NW
Anonymous said…
I thought Jill Hudson was planning principal for Lincoln High. She is now taking on 3 positions? Co-principal at Hale, planning principal at Lincoln, and 24-credit policy planner? Where is the district with the 3x5 scheduling idea? Is that still on the table as part of meeting the 24-credit requirement??


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