Seattle Schools Kindergarten Info 2016

New and clarified information on kindergarten enrollment from the district:

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – September 12
The first day of school for ALL kindergarten students is Monday, September 12.
The three-day delayed start enables teachers to launch “Family Connections” and meet with each family on September 7, 8 or 9 to answer questions families may have and better support our youngest learners as they join our school and classroom communities. These teacher-parent visits will be available at every elementary and K-8 school, are an opportunity for teachers to hear families’ hopes and dreams for their children and shape instruction accordingly. Your conference will be scheduled by your child’s school.

JUMP START, August 22-26
It is not too late to get a jump on the school year! This free transition-to-kindergarten program is offered at most Seattle elementary and K-8 schools. Jump Start offers children a chance to get comfortable in their new school, meet teachers and staff, and feel ready and confident when school starts in September. If your child is registered at a school offering Jump Start, please bring your child to school by 9 a.m. on Monday, August 22. All children are welcome! Check the SPS Kindergarten webpage for a list of participating schools.

In addition, for the first time, Seattle Public Schools is providing free full-day kindergarten for all students!

To learn more about SPS kindergarten supports visit the SPS Kindergarten webpage



Anonymous said…
I am so glad pay for K is finally gone. With all the things getting worse in the district, it's nice to see something that is better. I hope the smaller class sizes improve kindergarten for the latest crop, too.

Anonymous said…
Why is Jumpstart not offered at all schools? It is a great program. The energy of the kids, parents and teachers the last few days has been nice to see after the issues from last year (strike, etc)

- MemoReader

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