School Board Meeting on Wednesday; What's Missing

Here's the agenda that I previous reported on with one key omission:  they have removed the
Principals contract from the Action part of the agenda.  Until September 17th.  After school has started.

Something's up and it can't be good.  Month after month of not approving a contract?  I don't think there will be a principals' strike but it's odd to start the year with no contract.

There are two other items being pulled from the Action portion of the agenda; one IT (purchase of Cloudbooks) and one capital (waterlines at Ingraham.)


Charlie Mas said…
There are two other omissions from the Board agenda: Amending Board Policy No. 2090, Program Evaluation & Assessment and Amending Board Policy No. 2163, Supports & Interventions.

Both of the policy revisions were on the draft agenda for the 8/24 legislative board meeting presented to the Executive Committee at their August 17 meeting, but are not on the final agenda for the meeting.

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