The Final Last Days Before School Starts

Are you glad summer is ending and school will start soon?  Or are you dreading that getting back to the school routine?  Combination of both?

Here's a video a young teacher in Chicago made to welcome his 4th graders back to school.  My comments when I first saw this on Facebook were:

1) Awwwesome, 2) great Obama imitation, 3) yay for Captain Underpants (the book he's reading) and 4) can we clone this guy?

One last thought about those sweet last days of summer from Tara Austen Weaver:
"Childhood, summer. You seem like you’re here forever, then you slip away.”
Absolutely true.  Enjoy your children.  (And one piece of advice I give to mothers of boys: record that little boy voice because when it's gone, it's gone.) 


Anonymous said…
The contact photos of my kids on my phone are from when they were younger - late elementary or early middle school. I get the "OMG Dad, why?" from them when I point that out, but I smile a little when they call and I see those younger and shining faces. (One's heading off to college, the other is a junior.)

Roosevelt Dad

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