A Teacher on Facebook Speaks Out

Good for Mr. Kline (who appears to be a high school teacher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

I am making this public because I don't care if I offend anyone. As a high school educator and as a male I think it's important that I am clear on something. 

To my students, but especially to the boys: 

I want to be sure you know. What we have learned about Donald Trump and how he speaks about and treats women is not ok. It's not ok for a 60 year old man, its not ok for a 13 year old boy. It's not ok for anyone. 

Women are not a conquest. Women are not something you can just take as your possession. Women are not objects. I know that you know this. But I want to be sure you aren't getting mixed messages. 

Girls, if you are told that you should be treated this way, that is wrong. And if you are treated this way, I recommend you walk far away and you tell someone, an adult, about what happened. Because it is wrong. 

Some have decided that since a presidential candidate can talk as he has about women, minorities, disabled people, etc. that it is legitimate to harbor and even express these same ideas. Well I am telling you it is not. 

Real men don't treat women this way. We don't talk about women this way. We don't cheat on our spouses. We don't force ourselves on women. We don't joke about assaulting women. We don't make light of assaulting women. We don't strategize about assaulting women. Rapists do these things. Not real men. 

I urge any and all educators to push this kind of message out. This goes far beyond politics. Some may criticize me for being political or imposing my views as a public educator. I disagree. What I am expressing here is a message of decency and civility. I feel that, as a possible role model to children, it's my duty to make sure I am not ambiguous on a topic like this.


Anonymous said…
Last I checked, Bill Clinton isn't running for president. Donald Trump is and he admitted to assaulting women.

Parent said…
Clearly the first two posters don't get it about Donald Trump. I commend the teacher who wrote this
Anonymous said…
This is about Donald Trump's remarks about women (on tape and were admitted) and that it is not o.k. Many decent people of both political parties find his remarks about women and many other groups offensive.

-A parent

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