Tell the Kids to Get Out There and Vote

From the News Tribune: 
Washington state’s annual Mock Election is back, and kids can cast symbolic votes on real candidates and measures from 9 a.m. Monday to 1 p.m. Nov. 4.

The event is open to all students in kindergarten through 12th grade in public, private and tribal schools, as well as homeschooled students.

“This is a child’s chance to speak to Washington voters to let us know what they think,” said Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall. “What kids value matters.”

Secretary of State Kim Wyman, whose office sponsors the event, said it’s designed to encourage students to vote and be active in civic life. This is the 12th year the state has conducted the Mock Election.

All students cast ballots for the president, U.S. Senate and governor, as well as on the minimum wage initiative. Older students will get to weigh in on two other ballot initiatives.

Teachers can request a free Teaching Elections in Washington State curriculum book and “I Voted” stickers for the program.

For more information, go to or call Jackie Wheeler at 360-902-4143.
I'd add that because Washington does mail-in voting, it's a great idea for your kids to watch you sit at your kitchen table and vote.  Or see you put the ballot in a mailbox or ballot box.

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monkeypuzzled said…
Jeez, Melissa, you get a lot of crap. I just wanted to say that many of us really appreciate this blog as a source of information and exchange of ideas, even when we don't agree with everything here.
Anonymous said…
Most of the kids are voting Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders. They all hate Crooked Clinton and Dufus Trump.

It will be interesting to see who runs in the next election (2020) to push out the winner of 2016. Just worried Clinton will start a long protracted war. I think she excepted middle eastern donations in a pledge to attack Iran. God help us if she follows through on this pledge.

Anonymous said…
I would disagree. In my 6th grade studies classes most of my students realize that a vote for Sanders or Stein is essentially a wasted vote and would result in Trump possibly getting elected.
If they don't want to see Trump elected, they are voting for Clinton.
Most, having done extensive research on both candidates and how they stand on important issues, completely support Clinton. Some support Trump, mainly those that are pro-life.
They are participating in the mock election and are excited to be a part of the democratic process.
-6th grade
Anonymous said…
Meant to say "social studies" classes not "studies" classes.
-6th grade
Anonymous said…
If you are truly a teacher and don't fully explain Clinton's crimes and corruption then perhaps you should consider a new line of work.

"Pro-life", I like how your snarky context You must be one of those "progessives" yikes, if so then you truly have no business teaching children, may I know your name please?

--Ted Valett
Anonymous said…
@6th grade

Of coarse it's public school, by 6th grade they are fully indoctrinated in liberal think. They have been completely desensitized to the killing of babies. So I suppose the rest of the students are "Anti-Life"

Come on and tell us what you really think.

Anonymous said…
How did an innocuous post about mock voting for kids turn into a liberal bashing session? Seriously people, if you want to troll about the presidential election or need a forum for your political views, go somewhere else. This isn't the place for it.

Fed up with trolls
Ted, we don't out people here. You can certainly point out that someone didn't sign their name but that's not required.

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