First Indigenous Peoples' Day at Chief Sealth

Dominique Salinas (Jicarilla Apache/Navajo) and Marcos Arellano Martinez (Mexivo, Otomi) performing a Deer Dance.

Wonderful celebration of cultures at Chief Sealth International High School - these photos make this event look like it was a fantastic one.  All photos by Leda Costa for the West Seattle Blog.

Neighboring Chief Sealth International High School and Denny International Middle School have the largest Native population of any school in Seattle Public Schools, according to Sealth principal Aida Fraser-Hammer, who hosted the schools’ first Indigenous Peoples’ Day assembly today.
The students who were onstage weren’t just performers. Below, Sierra Carpitcher (Seminole/Creek Nations) spoke about the Dakota Access Pipeline situation, which has brought a massive turnout of Native/Indigenous people and their allies to the Midwest to try to stop the controversial pipeline. 
Pacific Islanders dancing. They are from Fiji, Hawai'i, Philippines, Samoa, Tahiti, Thailand, and Tonga.Pacific Islanders were spotlighted at the assembly too – these students represented Fiji, Hawai’i, the Philippines, Samoa, Tahiti, Thailand, and Tonga;

From the Chief Sealth Folklorico Club, four members performed the Dancza Del Fuego (Fire Dance):

Four members of the Chief Sealth Folklorico Club performing the Dancza Del Fuego (Fire Dance). 


Anonymous said…
Great to see the Indigenous students. After the bashing the pacific Islander families recently received here on the Save Our Supremacy blog for their high truancy rate, it's a nice gesture.

Thanks Melissa,

opinion all mine, Charlie Horse
Susan said…
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