Update on Washington State Charter Lawsuit

I'm at the Charter Commission meeting today (although still hasn't started due to rain and traffic, whew!)

I see this included  the packet of materials on the charter school lawsuit from Executive Director, Joshua Halsey:

"The parties to the charter school lawsuit have agreed to a summary judgment briefing schedule with a hearing on Jan. 27, 2017 at 10 am.  In a summary judgment motion, the moving party argues that the issues presented to the judge are purely legal (rather than factual) and can be resolved based solely on briefs and arguments at the hearing."  


Anonymous said…
Can you expand a bit on what you think this means for the fate of this horrible scam of an industry?

Anonymous said…
I'd also like to know what this means. It scares me to think that charters and the entire privatization scam could get a "green light" on some sort of technicality by as early as January.

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