High-Roller PAC Seeks to Oust Supreme Court Justices

I had heard about this PAC on the radio, Citizens for Working Courts Enterprise, WA.  Apparently, they are seeking to defeat Justice Charles Wiggins over decisions they believe hurt business.

However, you look at the list of names and I see ed reformers in there.

Much of the news around the campaigns for the three justices up for re-election - Yu, Wiggins and Madsen - has been the decisions on McCleary and on charter schools.

Who's in this PAC?

- Vulcan, Inc. $300K
- Bill Gates $200K
- Connie Ballmer $12,500K
- Steve Ballmer $12,500K
- Building Industry Assn of Washington $10K
- Bradford Smith $7K
- Kathryn Surace-Smith $7K
- Washington State Tree Fruit Assn. $1K

For a total of $550,000. 


Can't Buy Me said…
Ha ha, all that money and I voted for Wiggins anyway!
Anonymous said…
Same here! Voted for Madsen. Hope they all win by huge margins and that all that cash is wasted.

Charlie Mas said…
And if any of their candidates are elected, will those justices recuse themselves from any case in which a contributor is a party? You know, like they say the sitting justices, who accepted small campaign contributions from the WEA, should have done for McCleary and the Initiative 1240 cases?
Watching said…
The usual trio trying to buy elections, again. We see the same people trying to buy the SPI race.

Watching said…
Clarification: Stand for Children et. al have created an $165K PAC to support Jones and oppose Reykdal. Ballmer's dollars have flowed into this PAC.

As well, Jones hired SFC's former lobbyist for fundraising purposes. Vote Reykdal.
Anonymous said…
Hummm ... $1000 from Washington Tree Fruit Growers ... I'll go for vegetables.

How are the Tree Fruit Growers impacted by current justices?

Inquiring minds need to know.

-- Dan Dempsey

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