Friday Open Thread

Tonight the Seattle Channel will have a discussion with OSPI candidates at 7pm.  (After the first airing, SC usually has video at their website for viewing.)

Saturday Events

No director community meetings this week but two opportunities to hear from the candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Both events could prove interesting given who the sponsors are and what questions might get asked.

League of Women Voters event at Garfield High School at 10 am.  (This event also includes the candidates for Commissioner of Public Lands.)  Free and doors open at 9:30 am.  Spanish and Somali translation provided and childcare available.

League of Education Voters (and a number of groups including Latino Community Fund and the Filipino Community of Seattle) are hosting a multi-race forum at the Eritrean Association of Greater Seattle community hall at 1528 S. Massachusetts St. at 3 pm.  The portion for candidates for OSPI is from 3:40-4:40 pm.  (After that, candidates for the 7th District will speak.)

But if you want to do something with the kids, there's Birds at the Burke (Museum) from 10 am-4pm. 
Meet Taima the Hawk! Have your photo taken with the Seattle Seahawks Augur Hawk from 10:30 am - 2:30 pm.
Have a student interested in computer science/engineering and wants to go to UW?  Good news.  UW is fundraising for a new computer science and engineering building to meet the demand for more grads in those areas.  Yesterday UW announced that Amazon had donated $10M towards this effort.

And now for something completely different - a love letter to a school district.  (I believe it is Shoreline, just north of us and not a different Shoreline in another part of the country.)
As a young single black mother of two brown boys, I have been used to doing this alone—to not having a team to raise these beautiful kids with. But you’ve given my kids what I thought was only possible for well-off, able-bodied, neurotypical, straight, cis white kids—you’ve given them real education and community.
What's on your mind?


monkeypuzzled said…
That letter made me research real estate in Shoreline!
Anonymous said…
I would like to see a post covering each Directors accomplishments since being elected. Is that too much to ask?

Charlie Mas said…
Carmen, you're free to write that post.

Anyone who wants to write a post is free to do so. Send it to us and, unless we have a legitimate reason not to post it, we will probably post it. There's no rule that says all of the content has to come from Melissa.
Yes, Carmen, it is.
Anonymous said…
Well something new for me. I learned that all school clubs must be accompanied by paid SPS staff for any offsite activity & file fieldtrip paperwork. That includes sports clubs having offsite practice like ultimate, or captain's practices for sports, or BSU attending a community service event on Saturday, a school jazz combo playing for a wedding reception, or anime club attending com icon, or .....


Am I the only one who hasn't heard of this? Are all these clubs going to start paying staff? Or stop doing activities?

-HS Parent

Anonymous said…
I am confused as to Carmen's accomplishments request. The Directors are members of a seven person board that makes decisions. How can a list of an individual director's accomplishments be compiled? A list of votes could be compiled.

I am mystified as to what Carmen is requesting.

-- Dan Dempsey
Syd said…
Has anyone ever compared the course catalogues for all the high schools. I just spent several hours doing just that. I am surprised that there is not more consistency. The difference between Garfield and Roosevelt and the rest of the schools is disheartening.

For those of you who have toured and attended high schools, is the apparent disparity in course selection a good indication of school quality variation?
Anonymous said…
I had kids attend 2 different SPS high schools. In my experience the quality of the school was much more dependent on the quality of the teachers and the culture of the staff, than on the course offerings.

-almost done
Syd said…
Any experience with Franklin or Cleveland?
Anonymous said…
My friend's kid loves it and her mom describes Franklin as an under-recognized gem. -NP
Anonymous said…
So we have a legislature that will not adequately fund schools, but at least schools will be required to teach the students financial literacy.

Financial Literacy
Anonymous said…
Above is from Dan Dempsey

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