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Monday, October 24th
The district is still looking for input on the K-5 ELA instructional materials (at select schools or on-line) until November 30th.

Families, staff and community members are invited to review instructional materials under consideration for use in K-5 English Language Arts classrooms. You can view materials and provide feedback online or in person.

Tuesday, October 25th 
First of two community meetings on the budget from 6-8 pm at JSCEE.

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) will be hosting two budget presentation sessions this fall for parents and community members to learn budget background information and to gather feedback on the question, “What Do You Value?” as it relates to potential funding changes for the 2017-18 school year.

Both meetings will provide an overview of the District's budget and planning process as well as an opportunity for our families to make recommendations to the District's Leadership Team and School Board regarding what their ideas would be if the District receives additional funds or has funding reductions that affect the 2017-18 school year.

Wednesday, October 26th 
Board Work Session at JSCEE:

4:30-5:15pm: Oversight Work Session - English Language Learners
5:15-6:00pm*: Work Session - Superintendent 2015-16 Annual Evaluation: Part I
6:00-7:30pm*: Work Session - Budget

Thursday, October 27th
Community Meeting on reopening Lincoln High School, 4400 Interlake Ave. N, from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Join Director Burke and SPS staff for a community listening meeting about Lincoln High School, scheduled for opening in the fall of 2019.  We have exciting plans for the site renovation and restoration, but the academic programming and student assignment plans are still developing.  Come and share your concerns and ideas to help make Lincoln's opening a successful start for a vibrant school.  Representatives from Teaching and learning, International Education, Enrollment, Capital Projects, Bassetti Architects, and the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) are expected to be present.

Saturday, October 29th
Community Meeting with Director Burke at the Fremont Library from 11 am to 1 pm. 

Other items of note:

The 2016-17 meeting schedule for the Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee are posted. There are currently several vacant positions on the committee. If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please complete the nomination form and return it to the committee chair.

Want to know when the deadline is for this application? October 28th.  That's one whole week of advertising this need (unless only HCC parents were contacted which would be a bit odd.)  And, to find that date, you need to open the application.

Almost as if they didn't want to fill those positions.

Monday, November 7th
Superintendent's State of the District speech at Franklin High School from 5-7 pm.  This year's title is "Seattle Public Schools: Our Story."


Northwest Owler said…
Why should we bother commenting on the ELA instructional materials? It's not as if our input on the math materials was useful. Why do they even pretend to care what the community thinks?
kellie said…
In theory, the amendments to the Growth Boundaries Plan should be posted this Friday.
Anonymous said…
I wrote leading gifted & talented researchers & learned of a self contained cohort model that successfully serves gifted students of color. It is a program that is designed to serve students "with gifted potential". It would be adding an additional program, not meant to replace the HCC program services.
"The Renzulli Academy offers high quality and distinctive programs specific to those needed to accommodate Hartford’s identified gifted and talented youth. The Academy utilizes the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), SEM is not intended to replace or minimize existing services to high achieving students. Rather, its purpose is to integrate these services into “a-rising-tide-lifts-all-ships” approach to school improvement. "
Lynn said…
Here's an example of the response I'd expect in Seattle to a program like this:

Anonymous said…
I am seriously considering applying to sit on the HCC Advisory Committee. Has anyone here done so in the past? If so what was it like? I would like to advocate for continuing the current program, while brainstorming ways to increase visibility to under-represented communities. Would sitting on the committee help, or am I better off volunteering at our neighborhood school and raising the visibility of HCC that way? Seriously asking, not being snarky.

Anonymous said…
As a parent attending tomorrow's Lincoln High School meeting with Director Burke and SPS muckety mucks, what documents can Melissa, Kellie and others point me to so I am well-equipped with facts and figures around capacity, what it takes to sufficiently prepare for a successful launch of a brand-new high school, and the wisdom (lack thereof?) of moving juniors and seniors from their existing high schools to populate this new school?

Concerned Hamilton, Cascadia, and future Lincoln HS parent
Anonymous said…
Lynn-- Stephen Martin will be meeting with the U Conn folks next week to learn more about the Renzulli gifted program. I really hope something productive comes out of the meetings. More than likely funding will be an issue, it will likely be very expensive. HCC in contrast does not offer any supports and is much (much) cheaper per pupil to offer. But it seems like a great model that would indeed successfully serve a cohort of underrepresented students with gifted potential.
Lynn said…
He should talk to Fairmount Park's principal first. She had planned to offer Renzulli-style enrichment programs. There were two sessions the first year and I think three last year. My child was never placed in a class he was actually interested in - as the classes offered were based on teacher or volunteer interests. I don't think they added any value to the educational experience.
Van Bake said…
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