Care about PE? Here's a Way to Show Support

 (Moderator's note: the bell times folks found great success with their cause when they got UW researchers to come and testify to the Board, repeatedly, on the benefits of late start for teens.  This new coalition detailed below could do the same for PE.)

Swedish Cherry Hill Family Physicians are building a coalition to urge and work with Seattle Public Schools to meet the state-mandated 100 minutes of PE per week for grades K-8. 

They are holding an event THIS Tuesday 10/4 at the University Unitarian Church from 7-8:30 pm to discuss the importance of PE, to gather input and to further build a coalition.

They are also currently looking for people to speak at the assembly on why PE is important in our community. Each speech would last approx 5 min, and can be pretty free form- it's mainly about sharing your personal story about your connection to PE, why you believe students should be enrolled in PE for at least 100 min/week, barriers witnessed in this policy enforcement, and potential solutions to improve PE. They would love to have parents speak on behalf of this cause- if you are interested in speaking, please let them know!! 

 If you are not interested in speaking, then they would still love your attendance at the assembly. 

Please contact Amy Yam ( ), R3 Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine to participate.

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