Alternative Schools Coalition of Seattle meeting

You're Invited!

The Alternative School Coalition (ASC) requests your presence at the upcoming meeting, to be held at AS#1 (Pinehurst)

This is a terrific chance to meet other people who feel strongly about Alternative Education, to learn about the Coalition, and to help shape ASC’s mission.

The issue of board support for the C54.00 policy makes the meeting especially timely.

Dinner provided, with gluten-free and vegan options

Childcare provided; *please RSVP* to Christine:

Monday, May 18th

Dinner 6:00 pm

Meeting 6:45 – 8 pm

Meeting 6:45 – 8 pm

Alternative School #1

11530 12th Ave NE, Seattle, 98125


Megan Mc said…
Maria Goodloe-Johnson told Sherry Carr today that the audit will not be starting on Monday and there isn't a date set yet.
owlhouse said…
I find this a bit of a relief- except I worry that should the audit come even later in the year, it will be more challenging for our schools to participate fully- given moving, graduations, staff changes, year-end business...

Also, to be clear, this invitation speaks directly to Summit and AS 1 families, but the meeting is open to representatives from all alternative schools.

Anyone who hasn't read board policy, C54.00, you may want to. A "traditional school" friend called it the first "meaningful vision" she'd read in any of the district's policies or communication. Under "instructional programs" on the Board Policies and Procedures page.
Megan Mc said…
Thanks owlhouse. I have amended the original post a bit.
Maureen said…
Was the AS#1 Site Council and or BLT included in the decision to appoint your new principal? If not, did anyone write and object to the process? Was there any response?
Megan Mc said…
Neither site council nor the BLT were consulted or made any kind of response. We were still so shell-shocked from the closure process, enrollment crisis, and restructuring talk. I think that many of the parents who disapproved chose to leave the school all together rather than start up a new battle.I know I personally felt like we were holding on by a thread anyway and needed time to process what was going on.
Josh Hayes said…
I'd love to hear from anyone who was at the meeting. How'd it go? Who showed up from SPS Central?

I don't think there's any question that the District is hostile to alternative schools. The questions are, to what extent will they support existing schools, and what do we as a community want to insist upon? (There are, of course, about a zillion other questions, but that'll do for a start!)

WV: There's no need for me to addedem at this point.
Megan Mc said…
Hey Josh, no one from central came.

We mostly worked on how we will organize once the audit date is set and what if anything schools can do to be sure that their unique programmatic values are looked at. For instance, at AS#1 we value field trips and social justice as key elements of our program. If we want that included in their audit of how well our program is doing in those respects, then we should data to collect.

Those who would like to be in the loop should join the google group:
Seattle Alternative Schools Coalition
Chris S. said…
Please visit the new alternative schools blog at

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