Scholarship Applications for Middle-School Students

From an AP article in the Seattle Times on April 29th,

"Thousands of Washington middle school students may be leaving college scholarship money on the table by not applying for a new program designed to give them an incentive to stay in school and out of trouble.

About 63,000 seventh, eighth and ninth graders have until the end of June to join the 28,000 students from low-income families who have already signed up for the College Bound program.

If they miss that deadline, and they are in either eighth or ninth grade, they will be out of luck because after this year the program will only be available to students in grades seven and eight. This year's seventh graders will have one more year to sign up.

For the past two years, the scholarship program has made a promise to any middle school student who qualifies for free or reduced-price lunches or is a foster child, who maintains at least a 2.0 grade point average through high school and who stays out of trouble with the law - no felonies.

If they make a pledge to meet the requirements of the program and still qualify financially when they graduate from high school, these students will be entitled to free college tuition, fees and a $500 stipend for books for four years."

The application is available in 7 languages. Know a kid who needs this kind of goal on the horizon? Hop to it.


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