RHS Science Talk by UW MacArthur Genius Award Winner

From the Roosevelt Parent Bulletin for anyone interested:

"Roosevelt Science Boosters present a “Science in Society” evening talk by Associate Professor Yoky Matsuoka from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington. Date and time: May 6 at 7.30 pm, at Roosevelt HS (the talk will either be in the theatre or library; more details will follow). Her talk is entitled “Robots, Brain, and Body". Dr. Matsuoka directs the Neurobotics Laboratory where robotic models and environments are used to understand the biomechanics and neuromuscular control of human limbs. In parallel, robotic systems are developed to augment, replace and rehabilitate damaged sensorimotor functions. Please see UW website for more information about the talk and speaker: UW Science Booster Speakers."

Yoky is one of those beautiful (sigh) and accomplished (top teen tennis player in Japan but she got injured and turned to science) people you'd like to hate but she's so kind and brilliant, you can't. It should be a great talk.


Dorothy Neville said…
My husband and son heard her speak last year and my husband still talks about it. Interesting and inspiring. Both enjoyed the talk a lot. Highly recommend.
hschinske said…
I am sorry to be a spelling nerd, but I have to say that typo in the heading is pretty funny :-)

(Word verification: ovenn. Must be overlapping ovens, a la Venn diagrams. Wonder how that works?)

Helen Schinske
Yes, and that's why I'm no genius and also shouldn't post while jet-lagged. Ha!

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