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Thanks to a Garfield parent for pointing out some news from Garfield. They are discontinuing French at Garfield (they suggest taking it through Running Start - one quarter there is equal to 1 year in high school so 3 quarters at Running Start would give you 3 years high school credit). Nothing so shocking there - I think French may be winding down as a foreign language. Anyone?
The AP Euro will change to AP World History. No explanation given. The advent of AP Human Geography at Roosevelt may have also signalled the demise of AP Euro there as well as it would be difficult to build into a schedule especially if the student was in music or drama.

From the Garfield parent newsletter:

Beginning with the 09-10 school year, Garfield is realigning the World History course offerings.
Moving away from Area Studies and AP European History, Garfield will shift its history emphasis to Global World History. The primary intent of Global World History is to teach the history of the world from a truly global perspective."

I had read in a newsletter about teen drinking that there would NOT be a patrol for the last day of school at local parks (where kids typically go to hang out and drink on the last day) for Roosevelt. I confirmed it with our local precinct. They will come if called and if they happen to see something as part of their regular patrol.

Other precincts may be doing the same thing - you'd have to check. My officer urged that parents go out in groups and just be a presence or talk to the kids about what they are doing.


Sue said…
So - does this mean the district is on its way to dumbing down the only rigorous course it currently offers? This is BAD news. It makes me really nervous.
hschinske said…
I see math is going back to separating out the algebra and geometry and such, and history is heading toward mushing everything together. *sigh* Educational fads. Gotta love 'em.

Helen Schinske
another mom said…
Why can't GHS offer both AP European and AP World History? They have the Euro books. I am not opposed to offering World History but offer students a choice. Won't it be rather expensive to purchase the necessary texts for the new World History offering. This at time of tight budgets.
rugles said…
C'est véritablement utile puisque c'est joli.

Le Petit Prince
hschinske said…
Why would they stop French but not Latin? I loved Latin and am glad it's taught at Garfield, but face it, it's way more of a curricular frill than French.

I am not pleased about their getting rid of AP Euro. AP World History is apparently an easier option, but geez, after what amounts to year after year of very broad coursework in middle and early high school, isn't it time to specialize a little more when you get to college-level courses? (Not that European history is exactly a narrow topic, anyway!)

Helen Schinske
Syd said…
We are really disappointed that French will not be offered next year. I don't think it is appropriate for my 9th grader to take a running start class: 14 is too young. However, I also don't want there to be a gap. He already has 2 years of French, and a year off will not facilitate language acquisition.

"I think French may be winding down as a foreign language?"

Of course here in the NW we are more attuned to the importance of Spanish and Chinese and Japanese. That does not in any way reflect upon the importance of French in the world. It is spoken in many African and Asian countries, as well as being an important European language.
Christian said…
French is spoken by more than 300 million people in the world (francophones, occasional speakers, students). It's spoken officially in 33 countries, in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, the Asian Pacific region... Saying that "French is winding down" doesn't reflect reality. Shame on Garfield High School for cancelling the French program! Garfield students will have fewer opportunities in life...

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