High School LA Materials Adoption

The District is looking to make a high school language arts (LA) material adoption similar to the high school mathematics material adoption. As with the math, this materials adoption will be in combination with a curriculum alignment.

There are a number of questions around this.

* Does this mean that all Seattle high school students will be reading the same books?

* What freedom will high school LA teachers have to select texts?

* How will LA classes be integrated with Social Studies classes? What impact will this have on integrated curricula across disciplines? Will all of the high schools soon have to offer aligned social studies as well?

* Does this mean that ALO, Spectrum and APP middle school students will be using the high school LA curriculum and materials? Will they be eligible for high school credit?

For more information, please see these district web pages:

LA Adoption and Alignment

6-12 Reading EALRs (only 6-8 currently available)

Grades 9-10 Reading Alignment GLEs


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