Lots of Board Executive Sessions over the next week. First, there's a 3-hour one on Wednesday about "negotiations" which I take to mean the SEA contract. Then, on June 3rd, there's an hour-and-half session about the Superintendent evaluation (oh, to be a fly on the wall). Note: executive means just the Board and not the public.

On Wednesday, June 10th, there's a Public Hearing on the Student Assignment plan at 6 p.m. (no site noted, I'll check). This is likely to be a good overview of where they are to date. That's the good. The bad is that they are unlikely to allow any discussion and maybe just some questions (ones you write down). I hope not but this is how many meetings are done. However, since it is a public "hearing", we might be able to stand up and say, "look, we want to be heard and we want everyone to hear". There should be some airing of grievances (okay, concerns) a la Festivus for parents.


Charlie Mas said…
The School-Family Partnership Plan includes a lot of things that the District is supposed to negotiate with the various unions. I sure hope that all of the elements that are in the plan are in the District's proposals.
SP said…
Just posted online today for this afternoon's C&I meeting:

Curriculum & Instruction Policy Committee Meeting May 26th
1. Approval of Minutes 4:30 PM
2. D.139 Student Internet Access 4:35 PM
Eric Caldwell
3. Update: Policy Work 4:45 PM
Holly Ferguson
This is part of the monthly update
that will be provided to the committee
on the policy work being done by her office
4. Presentation by Language Arts 5:00 PM
Adoption Committee
Cathy Thompson
The committee will talk about the scope,
objectives and timeline for adoptions of
high school language arts instructional
5. Instructional Materials Cycle 5:20 PM
Cathy Thompson
Review the current materials adoption
cycle for all content areas
6. Update: Science Adoption 5:35 PM
Cathy Thompson
7. Board Resolution – Skill Center 5:40 PM
Michael Tolley
Discuss a possible Board Resolution
concerning the development of a Seattle
Public Schools Skill Center
SP said…
I have been assured by both the School Board Office & a School Board member that Executive Committee meetings ARE open to the public, as required by law and as a parent I've attended several over the years.

By contrast, meetings labeled specifically as "Executive Session" are closed to the public (as allowed also by law, for specific discussions regarding contract negotiations, etc.). The School Board office says these meetings are specified as "closed to the public" on the board's calendar (hidden details- you have to click on the actual date in blue on the calendar to find this). Interestingly enough, the June 3rd Executive Session re: Superintendent Evaluation does not say it's closed to the public.
Thank you Seattle Parent. I always thought Executive meant no public. I'll have to ask before I go down there but yes, that would be interesting. (Bet, though, that because of your post it will change to being closed.)
Sahila said…
just what I was going to say... I'd be willing to put money on a bet it will change to being closed before the June 3(?) date!
ParentofThree said…
I see LA highschool adoption is on the agenda. Can we start a thread on that. I hear that this could potentially wipe out LA programs as we know it and we could end up with district mandated list of books for all students in every highschool.

Anybody have any info on this?
SP said…
Melissa & Sahlia,
By definition (according to the School Board office) any meetings called "Executive Sessions" are closed to the public. I just pointed out that they had forgotten to note that on their calendar (in their hidden remarks section), but I would doubt that they will let the public in on a session about the Superintendent's Evaluation.

I was trying to mention that all other Executive Committee Meetings are open to the public, a fact that not many people seem to realize.

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