Cheryl Chow Is Not Running Again

This from the Times today:

"Seattle School Board member Cheryl Chow announced today that she will not seek a second term in that post.

In a prepared release, Chow said it was time to close the politics and public service chapter in her life. Chow has been on the school board since 2006, and she served on the Seattle City Council from 1990-1997.

"I'm very proud of how far we have come in the last four years to put the Seattle School District back on the right path and lay a firm foundation to ensure the success of our kids," Chow said. "With the loss of my mom Ruby Chow, last year, I've come to realize that there comes a time to walk away from the public spotlight and focus my energy on other personal goals. Now is that time."

Chow said she plans to continue working for the Girl Scouts of Western Washington as a low-income outreach program director, as well as leading the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill team and coaching youth basketball."

I certainly have not always agreed with Director Chow and her point of view. But she has indeed dedicated her life to public service in the interest of children. She has been a huge guiding light for the Girl Scouts and for her own community. Public service is hard and difficult work especially in issues of education.

Thank you Cheryl for your service to our district.


SE Mom said…
Looking forward to seeing Charlie on the ballot for her position!!!
Charlie Mas said…
I will run and I will run to win.

I'll make a more formal announcement this week.
Unknown said…
Charlie, you may have mentioned this in the past, but will you maintain and respond to a blog like Harium does?
RB1986 said…
Back around 1980 when I was touring Sharples (now Aki Kurose) as a prospective student, Cheryl Chow was the principal there. She used a bull horn in the hallways and had paddles with holes in them hanging on her office wall. I'm serious, I saw them. I didn't choose to go to that school. I appreciate Cheryl's many years of service and agree with her that now is a good time for her to move on.

Now Charlie if you are serious about running and winning this time I suggest that you hide or change your blogger profile on this blog. Some old-fashioned folks are uncomfortable reading about sex, pizza and melons in the same paragraph :)
BadgerGal said…
Go Charlie!
Charlie Mas said…
Yes. See this link: Charlie Mas
Charlie Mas said…
I'll have to make a few other changes. No more cartoons of Japanese school girls as my avatar.
TechyMom said…
Thank you, Charlie!
Unknown said…
Thank you! I look forward to one more responsive board member.
anonymous said…
Bye, bye Cheryl.

Rock on, Charlie!
suep. said…
Everyone who wants Charlie on the Board should be ready to pitch in and help, cause it's unlikely that the seat will go uncontested, and the amount of money pumped into the last School Board elections by business interests for Sundquist, Maier and DeBell was unprecedented and obscene (close to $400,000, I believe).

There really ought to be campaign finance limits imposed on School Board races.

Genuine grassroots campaigns can win if enough people help out.
dan dempsey said…
Correction about last election.

Peter Maier = $167,000

Sunquist and Carr both around
$120,000 +

Harium Martin-Morris running against David Blomstrom $65,000
Michael DeBell is running this time. Back four years ago when he was elected $35,000 was big money. $$ figures come from memory but should be reasonably close.
suep. said…
Oops. Thanks, Dan. Yes, Carr, not DeBell, was part of the Big Bucks Trio last time.
seattle citizen said…
Go Charlie!
You would be a wonderful Director, The students, staff, district and community would benefit from your knowledge and ideas.
dan dempsey said…
Hey Gavroche,

Were the Big Bucks Trio put in office to pick bad math?

What was that $400,000 buying?

Vote for Charlie. A vote for reason and rational behavior.

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