Governor Won't Call Special Session; Levy Lid Stays

An editorial appeared in Wednesday's Times, urging the Legislature to address the "restriction on how much districts can collect in local taxes even when voters approve higher amounts."

From the editorial:

"A remedy is a temporary lifting of the levy lid. A handful of districts across the state, ranging from Seattle to Spokane, could then collect $88 million in uncollected levy funds.
Limiting the state's 292 districts to collecting levy taxes up to 24 percent of a district's state and federal dollars appears to equalize levy funding.
It was an important rule when it was created in the 1970s as many districts, including Seattle, experienced repeated levy failures. But the limit has become outdated, having the unintended consequence of forcing classrooms to suffer budget woes in unison."

I thought to myself that this might be really helpful and stave off staff reductions. Shortlived hope though because today the Governor declined to call a special session where this (along with a few other loose ends) would be addressed. Language was built into other funding so that smaller districts could have levy equalization so that will happen. Unfortunately, that won't help us.


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