The Most Popular Girl in SPS

From Dr. Enfield's office:

As you can imagine, Dr. Enfield’s calendar quickly filled after that letter went out. And given that ‘Open Office Hours’ are only on Thursdays, 4:00 -5:30 pm (15 minutes per guest or group), it didn’t take long.  Unfortunately at this time, I am unable to schedule any additional appointments.  With the great demand of her time following this invitation, we filled her calendar through June in a matter of days. We are currently looking for additional scheduling opportunities on her calendar to create more openings.  Once identified, I will get back to you.

Thanks to Jaane for the update.


Maureen said…
I wonder if a secondary market for those spots will develop? I wonder what the market rate for 15 minutes of Dr. Enfield's time would turn out to be? I'm disappointed that groups have to stick to 15 minutes and can't combine their time. That seems unecessary.
Dorothy Neville said…
Maureen, I have a slot. What will you give me for it? :)

I consider this a work in progress. She didn't really have a model to go by, did she? So your suggestions of groups getting together and asking for time is a good one that perhaps was not anticipated? Let's see how this shakes out in the long term, because it is promising, if perhaps not implemented exactly how each of us would have.
Grace said…
Yes, let's give her giant kudos for this. It's hard for me to change expectations, but I for one am beginning to expect positive good stuff based on her first few acts, like these appointments.
anonymous said…
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anonymous said…
To bad she couldn't have regularly scheduled coffee hours, open to all, no appointment necessary, like the board directors do. Informal, just question and answers.

Still, even as booked as the meetings are, I think this is definitely a step in the right direction.
Dorothy Neville said…
Peon, I agree, but suspect they were worried that if she did that right now, they would become jam packed and end up frustratingly unproductive for anyone. Perhaps this is a goal for the future though.

And perhaps small groups of folks with clear agendas will be able to schedule some time with her apart from these regular hours. Wouldn't hurt to ask.

I was speaking with a PTA board member of a school with some significant issues. An elementary school, most of the PTA board are Very New to advocacy. I suggested that they invite (insist) their Ed Dr and Susan (and perhaps their school board member) to come to a PTA meeting. My friend was shocked at the audacity of the idea, but intrigued. She asked if I could speak to the PTA board myself to encourage this. I most certainly will. And unless their issues are addressed before my appt with Enfield, that will be on my agenda.
dan dempsey said…
The really good NEWS is....

something is happening, there is communication and

the communication ended with...

"Once identified, I will get back to you."

and not just "I'll get back to you on that."

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