Family Survey

Starting Monday, June 13, Seattle Public Schools will begin conducting its annual school climate survey of all students, school staff and families Districtwide.

The goal is to gather information about learning environments at all District elementary, middle and high schools, including student engagement, academic rigor, discipline and safety, and family involvement. The survey results will assist SPS in determining how to best support the academic needs of all students.

The family survey will be administered via the district's automated SchoolMessenger system, which will allow families to provide feedback using a touch-tone phone response or taking an online survey by email.

The SchoolMessenger Family Survey schedule is as follows:
June 13-20 Families with children in grades K-5
June 14-21 Families with children in grades 6-8
June 15-22 Families with children in grades 9-12

The SchoolMessenger system will only make phone calls on the first day of the survey. Families who prefer to take the online survey by email will have seven days to respond. Note that some families may receive more than one phone call. For example, if a family has one child in high school and another child in middle school, they will receive two separate calls.

The District will resend the online version of the survey to all families that did not respond in the first round. This will occur on June 22. Families will have seven days to respond to the online survey in the follow-up round. Phone calls will not be made in the follow-up round.


Charlie Mas said…
This post is just a copy-and-paste of a District press release. I don't mean to pretend that it is anything else.

It was sent to me by Bernardo Ruiz and he asked me to spread the word, so I did. This has happened before and it will happen again. I think it's good for everyone.
David said…
It would be nice if there were some questions about satisfaction with the district as well as questions about satisfaction with our school and teachers. I know a lot of people that are reasonably happy with their teachers, principal, and school, but furious at how the central administration interferes with and hinders their teachers, principal, and school.
Yes, David, interesting how that survey never seems to happen.
Anonymous said…
There didn't seem to be room for middle ground. You had to either agree or disagree on questions. Responses like "a lot" v "somewhat" would have been more relevant to our family. Also uncertain how they're using "culture" -- what about sped, is that a culture? How are sped families supposed to be heard?

This survey seems like window dressing to me.

Along for the ride
Anonymous said…
I sent my contextual comments to
Anonymous said…
Do you know when the results of the survey will be made public?

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