Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Stranger Slog Lays Out the School Board Elections

In one of the first reports I've read about the School Board elections, the Slog's Riya Bhattacharjee (I think her name should be in the next spelling bee - it's that cool) weighs in.

Most of the new candidates are running because they are tired of the corruption and cronyism in Seattle Public Schools. Some want to focus on closing the achievement gap and raising test scores. Others are just sick of the influence a plethora of foundations have on education these days. 

At least one of the candidates is a reluctant one who says he's running because he is tired of mediocrity in our schools and the "business as usual approach" of our school board. Another lists this thing as his campaign website. This one sued the district against its new high school math textbooks in 2009.

It's an interesting group, right?

But then she editorializes a little and it's very funny (because it's so true):

I've always found it really amusing how school board members—elected officials running for re-election anywhere in general—who rarely ever open their mouths at meetings get all chatty suddenly with the advent of election season. Their faces take on what I call the "Anderson Cooper look" (furrowed brows, etc.) and they make it a point to comment on things they never bothered to comment on before. Watch tomorrow's school board meeting to see for yourself.

Her summary:

Many of the new candidates are education advocates, some have degrees from well-known universities, others are professors, teachers, writers, former journalists, business owners, and moms and dads. And I know at least one of them is a Slogger. The one thing they have in common? They are tired of all the BS and want to see change.

BS?  Truer words were never written.


cdubs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cdubs said...

Was there something inappropriate about linking that article? Thanks.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Yes, because it was off-topic. If you want to get something in, either send me an e-mail or wait for Open Thread Friday. This is to protect the fidelity of the thread so people don't get frustrated when it goes off-topic.

Ed Doc said...

If only our mainstream newspaper would put down their pom-poms and critically report on the mismanagement of our public schools, concerned citizens of our city could have a better understanding of the unresolved issues. It is crucial that we use this election cycle to help educate the general population and unite to bring about the necessary changes to district headquarters.

Support the opponents to the incumbents on the Board of Directors. Campaign to bring the light of day to district operations and stop the annual loss of millions of taxpayer dollars and resources. For the sake of the children, bring an end to business as usual in district headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Ed Doc - Your comments might be taken seriously if it were not for your obvious career failings and the associated lack of intergrity issues your 1999 conduct entailed. People in glass houses . . .


Ed Doc said...


You clearly have me confused with someone that you may or may not know. Would you care to elaborate on the aspersions you are casting upon my career and/or integrity?

Chris S. said...

Wow - all those web sites with white guys that sound like Sahila :)

Mark T. Weber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark T. Weber said...

I am with Ed Doc on this one. Unless you have facts to back up your accussation, don't put a good man's reputation at issue. It is not fair to him or to the readers of this blog.

Just saying said...

Funny, Ed Doc has no problem making comments about Harvey Deutsch ...

Ed Doc said...

Comments I have made about any particular individual have not been personal nor have they been unfounded aspersions upon anyone's career or character. Individuals that gamed the system and took advantage of the poorly considered retire-rehire program were merely referenced as to the complete waste of taxpayer money the district has been guilty of for too long.

I have been critical of actions and decisions made in the district, certainly was not criticizing or slandering any individual.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Okay, clearly something else is going on here but unless everyone puts their cards on the table, please don't make veiled comments that no one else will get (or cast doubt on another person's credibility).

If you have a point, make it.

Ed Doc said...

As a relatively new commentator on this blog, it appears as though I have misunderstood the guidelines for the comments. It was my understanding that comments were not to become personal attacks, veiled or otherwise, nor were the comments to try to 'out' any individual writing anonymously. Both of these offenses have been directed at me recently yet the administrators of this blog allow said comments to remain. Is this not following the example of the district by using a selective approach to when and where policies are enforced?

Tired of hypocrisy said...

Well, Ed Doc, may this be a lesson for you in double standards and biased handling of information channels.

Mark T. Weber said...

Ed Doc,
Nothing's perfect. Not the school district nor this blog but to Melissa's defense, she did step in and put her foot down. Did she delete the offending comment. No, but that's her prerogative. Let's move on to more productive discourse.

Anonymous said...

I believe that, if you are running for school board (like Mark), it's only right to now post under your real name. Thank you Mark and Kate (and others)

Mr. Ed
(not running for anything)

Ed Doc said...

Mr. Weber (and other thoughtful commentators),

I do agree and understand the imperfect nature of all human constructs. The usefulness of this blog and most comments should be clear to all concerned members of our community; particularly in light of the void created by the manner in which our daily newspaper presents news.

To the commentators prone to assumptions and aspersions: Taking the good with the bad, we are forced to accept the baseless and pointless dribble you choose to submit. It is the prerogative of the gate keepers of this blog to provide you all a platform for the nonsense you spew. By focusing your attention and energy towards persons and attempting to identify those that post comments anonymously, the issues go unaddressed and the misguided agenda of district officials is advanced.

Let me know how that works out for you....

Anonymous said...

That's spew-rific!

Mr. Ed

dan dempsey said...

Now I am really confused....

Harvey Deutsch ...

I see that HD is still working for the District.

I thought that the District was attempting to replace HD in 2007 as retire-rehire was to be discouraged if other suitable applicants were available.

Can someone provide us with the current Harvey Deutsch situation?

I only met Harvey once back in the Spring of 2007. He did a great job of telling me what I needed to know.

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