Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seattle Times story on Pinehurst (AS#1)

The Seattle Times is running a story about Pinehurst, "Alternative elementary faces steep climb to stay open"


Josh Hayes said...

I must say, I was pleased at the generally-positive tone of the article. I think part of the reason our enrollment at Pinehurst has suffered simply is that a lot of families don't know the school exists. Maybe this article will bring more people to at least look at the place.

And man, the comments section on the article just reinforces my belief that a lot of online commenters are loons.

Anonymous said...

It was a good article. The three closure threats in the 4 years we were at the school were, to be honest, a big part of why we left (for a school opened in 1923 and still going strong with a waitlist).

The board kept hamstringing that poor school, year after year. So much energy had to go into "Saving the school". Such a waste.

signed, Former SPS parent