Thursday, June 16, 2011

Important End of School Year Update

I had read this puzzling schedule for the last couple of days of school and wondered about it.  Here's an update from SPS on those last days (most important for high school parents and students):

After receiving feedback from schools about the difficulties surrounding early dismissal next week, we are making changes. Typically, all of our schools have the same last day, but given our November snow days, we need to extend High School until Thursday, which is causing transportation issues.

On Tuesday, June 21:
·         All elementary, K-8 and Middle Schools will have a one-hour early dismissal.
·          Chief Sealth High School and West Seattle High School will have a one-hour early dismissal.
·          Aki Kurose Middle School will release on normal schedule and NOT have an early dismissal.
·         Our eight other high schools will also release on normal schedule and NOT have an early dismissal.
On Thursday, June 23:
·         All middle and high schools will have a one-hour early dismissal.
We apologize for the late notice and confusion this has caused your staff and families. We hope this revised schedule, which was coordinated with schools by our Executive Directors of Schools and transportation department, meets your school’s needs.

For our middle school and high school buildings, we ask that you please notify your students and families about this change today or tomorrow. The District will send out a reminder via a School Messenger call next week.


Sue said...

Trust me. Confusing is right. I got so many conflicting emails from the middle and high schools about what was going on, I still had no idea til yesterday. I do love the way high schools stood their ground and stuck to the planned finals schedule in the face of district confusion here.

One would think, you know, that since the snow happened in November, and it is now JUNE that transportation and district administrators had some time to figure this one out. But perhaps I am assuming they think ahead? (I know, cheap shot)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get this update? My administration hasn't received it yet and it changes our schedule and plans a lot!

-need the words from the horses mouth

Melissa Westbrook said...

I received it yesterday in response to my request for clarification on it. I had seen the original schedule and thought, "Hmm" and forgot about it and then a reader e-mailed me and said, "What about this?" That's when I called the district.