Friday, June 24, 2011

Great News for Ingraham!

I heard from some parents this great news - Ingraham  High school is receiving "RISE UP" funds from ESPN to refinish their gym floor, renovate the bleachers and renovate the weight and locker rooms.    Ingraham is one of four high schools selected by ESPN.  There will be a story on Ingraham on ESPN in the fall after the improvements are made.  From the ESPN story:

Currently players can’t take postgame showers because there is no hot water. The weight room is filled with weights from the “1970’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ videos,” as co-host Chris Spielman put it. Football co-head coach Gene O’Hara said that Ingraham is the “laughing stock” when opposing teams visit their facilities.

“When you look around here, you walk into a time warp in 1959 when the school was built. Same lockers, same everything,” Floe said. “This is an opportunity to upgrade the facilities to meet the needs of today’s athlete.”

And why Ingraham?

Several banners line the windows near the top of the Ingraham High School gymnasium. They give a sense of what Ram athletics are all about.

Sportsmanship, 2004. Sportsmanship, 2005. Sportsmanship, 2006. Sportsmanship, 2007. Sportsmanship 2008. You get the picture.

Their athletic department is all about teamwork and sportsmanship.  Good job, Ingraham!


Happy for Ingraham said...

glad the $ are going directly to Ingraham through renovations vs first to district coffers.

KG said...

I echo that. The District would probably use the dollars hire 10 more Central administrators that steve Ballmer approved of and say it is all about school children.

Po3 said...

Wow, wonder how Bree missed that Ingraham was in the running for this? And how she missed the spirit in this school before recommending that its leader be flat out fired.

Nice job!

basically said...


Good news!



That Passionate Teacher said...

It was mind-blowing. Absolutely mind-blowing. When they sprung the news on the student body, they completely lost it with joy.

I'm not usually fond of former athletes as speakers, but Chris Spielman was fantastic and eloquent as he challenged the students to make use of the gift they are being given and to pay it forward by teaching the classes that come after them the meaning of what we've just been given.

I cannot even express how much this capped off an absolutely crazy year in our building!

Two of my favorite student quotes I overheard in the halls after the assembly yesterday:

"We won't have to be embarassed when other teams come over to our school now!"


"Finally, we'll have a house worth protecting!"

We couldn't be happier for our students that they'll finally have facilities to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that, Passionate Teacher. It was a crazy year.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to give a shout-out to four Ingraham students who went to the NFL finals this year. No, I don't mean the National Football League, but the National Forensic League, which hosted the national debate finals in Dallas, Texas.

I had the privilege of having all of them as students in my classes this year, and I can say that they are four remarkable students in a school of remarkable students. We're so very proud of you!


Anonymous said...

....And two National Merit Finalists! Yay, Ingraham!

- Happy for IHS

Silikal America said...

'A house worth protecting', what an amazing quote. The company I work for, Silikal America donated industrial flooring for the students in Wellston, Ohio which was another town featured in the ESPN 'Rise Up' series. If I'm not mistaken the series just ended Oct. 4th but am hopeful they will pick up the series next season which I believe last I read ESPN was considering, and would be featuring 8 towns on the next go.